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Mauritania 2020 EITI work plan

Published Date: 
February, 2020
Mauritania EITI

Mauritania's work plan for 2020. Includes section on measurement and evaluation and mapping of EITI contributions to national priorities. Document is in French. 

Iraq 2019-2020 EITI work plan

Published Date: 
May, 2019

This is Iraq's EITI work plan for May 2019 - December 2020, published in May 2019. The original document is in Arabic, the English translation is unofficial. 

Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq - Reports on oil production, export, consumption and revenue

Published Date: 
May, 2021
Kurdistan Regional Government

This is a compendium of all publicly-accessible KRG reports on oil production, consumption, exports, and revenues covering 2015, 2017-2020. 

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) releases quarterly or bi-annual reports conducted by Deloitte on the region’s oil production, consumption, exports, and revenues. The KRG has committed to continuing the practice of contracting international audit firms (Deloitte and EY) to undertake these reviews. Deloitte was appointed by the KRG's Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs to review oil production, export,

Decree on systematic disclosure, Mauritania

Published Date: 
June, 2019
Government of Mauritania

See original in French, and as PDF

The below is a translation from French. 

Decree No. 2019-141/PM on the systematic disclosure of data relating to the extractive industries

The Council of Ministers having been consulted, 20 June 2019,

Article 1: Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2, Decree No. 2018-135 of 27 September 2018 on the establishment, organisation and operation of the EITI National Committee (EITI multi-stakeholder group or EITI-NC),