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Subsidies at what cost? Shedding light on state support for fossil fuel consumption

Published Date: 
March, 2021

Many governments subsidise the production and consumption of fossil fuels in their domestic markets. Subsidies can take the form of direct or indirect financial contributions by a government to fossil fuel companies. They support the cost of production of oil, natural gas or coal, reducing the prices paid for these commodities by domestic consumers.  

The scale of subsidies is substantial. According to the IMF, fossil fuel subsidies amounted to an estimated 

Contract transparency and clarifications to Requirement 2.4

Published Date: 
August, 2020

This paper aims to provide the EITI International Board with updates on country progress and challenges encountered in contract disclosure in EITI implementing countries. It also discusses ambiguities raised by constituencies in the interpretation of Requirement 2.4 and provides considerations on how to assess Requirement 2.4 in Validation. This recommendations was shared with the Board for decision by circular and approved as of 11 September 2020.

EITI 2019-2020 Outreach Strategy

Published Date: 
September, 2019

This document proposes the objectives of the strategy, as well as the criteria and strategic approaches that the EITI should use to guide its outreach priorities. In light of these, it proposes outreach priorities for the EITI – including a ramping up of our engagement with state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and southern-based multi-national corporations – and the corresponding resource implications. Finally, it includes a brief background section for the benefit of new Board members, outlining the EITI’s outreach efforts to date and other considerations.